Automatic Safety Covers

Your safety cover opens and closes at the touch of a button. A real touch of style!
You can operate the cover very easily and automatically with a key switch or remote control in order to open or close the cover to the programmed end positions. The AquaTop cover can bear the weight of a small pet, child or even an adult. AquaTop is in accordance with the french standards (NF P 90-308).    
Energy Saving
By covering a pool, evaporation and heat losses are limited to a minimum. For an indoor pool the dehumidification system does not have to run so much. The solar slats warm up the swimming pool by 4° to 8°c depending on the season and the geographical location! AquaTop cover contributes to keeping the swimming pool clean.    
The AquaTop slats are made of PVC with improved UV-resistance. They are enhanced by using a 20% thicker wall than the existing 3-chambre profile. The slats are available in different colours (blue, grey, beige, white, solar, transparent). The solar ones can warm up the pool water. They are transparent with a black layer underneath, and create thus a greenhouse effect.      

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