Nora meshed safety fence

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Nora meshed safety fence

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Nora Mesh Safety Fence

Pool protective system comprising pre-mounted 3m modules for preventing access to the pool by children under the age of 5, for private use.
Package Comprises
  • 1 pre-mounted 3ml module
  • 1 double-action s/steel latch (spare)
  • 1 set of instructions
  • 5 anchoring sleeves (4 + 1 spare)
  • + 5 stoppers (4 + 1 spare)
Product Advantages
Reliable: the complies with the standard (>1.10m) with a reduced ground clearance limiting any height risk of passing underneath.The opening and closing of the double action latch on each module is clearly visible so no section will be left open by mistake.  
Simple and easy to install: the drilling of the sleeves to a diameter of 16mm does not require a professional or a wide-diameter drill bit. Adaptable: the modules can be cut to the right length using the removable setting stick and can be adjusted to your pool’s environment.    
Resistant: The corrosion- proof,UV protected materials provide complete resistance over time.    
Efficient: the black fabric does not interrupt the view to the pool thanks to the transparent veiling effect it produces.        
Changeable: all the modules can be opened, providing several different access points to the pool depending on the activities or users.      
Discreet: it can be taken down and completely rolled up, and the sleeves would be blocked with the stoppers supplied or any other standard device to provide protection.          

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