The time for Photovoltaic
solar is now

With the rising costs of energy and improved technology available in today’s solar panel industry, there has never been a better time to ensure control and independence of your energy consumption.

Capture the suns power with the latest technology in PV panels and the electricity
you will produce will be the greenest, cleanest, and most efficient possible.
take advantage of the all-year canary island sunshine that will always give a clean
supply of solar energy, making it the best renewable source of electricity available to you, ensuring you save money and help the planet with green energy.

Aquadreams will take care of the entire planning and installation process, with
great value and latest panel and inverter technology.

Assisting you in choosing the right size and type of solar system for your

Ensuring the highest standards of equipment and installation.

Providing bulletins and certification to assist you in applications of any
available grants and best energy offers on the market suited to work in
harmony with your solar panel system/

Experienced qualified and fully insured installation engineers at your service.

Live time monitoring of your system with peace of mind of immediate back up
service from the Aquadreams service engineers who have installed your

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