Advanced Relaxation

The innovative Prodigy comfortably seats 5 people, with a variety of innovative jet configurations in each seating location. In addition to soothing massage, this luxurious spa’s sensible style and design help it fit perfectly in any yard space.

The Prodigy 5 person Spa

Wireless remote control

For added convenience the Highlife Collection Grandee and Envoy models feature our unique wireless remote control with touchscreen technology.
The most advanced control panel available, it features a full color screen with large icons and intuitive menus that make it easy to adjust spa functions.
Remove the remote from the bartop charging dock and carry into the spa to adjust jets, lighting and even music from your favorite seat, then set the panel in the secondary bartop resting station while you relax.

Product Specs:

Seating Capacity
5 adults

198 x 213 x 84 cm

Water Capacity
1,100 litres

295 kg dry
1,795 kg filled

Lighting System
Luminescence multi zone

Entertainment Systems (optional)
Wireless TV & Sound System
Wireless Sound System

Jet Count

Hot Tub Jets
1 Moto-Massage DX (2)
2 SoothingStream
1 FootStream
2 Rotary Hydromassage
1 Directional Hydromassage
14 Directional Precision

Water Features

Control System
Wireless remote control


Jet Pump
Wavemaster 9000
2.5 HP Continuous Duty
5.2 HP Breakdown Torque

Circulation Pump
SilentFlo 5000

Ozone System
FreshWater III Corona Discharge

Water Care Options
ACE Salt Water Sanitising System
EverFresh System

Effective Filtration Area
18.00 m2

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