The Small Spa that Performs

This compact three-seat spa fits smaller patios and decks. With our exclusive Moto-Massage® jet, plus adjustable Precision® jets, the SX delivers a unique, energizing experience.

The SX 3 person Spa

Product Specs:

Seating Capacity
3 adults

183 x 196 x 84 cm

Water Capacity
870 litres

295 kg dry
1,400 kg filled

Lighting System
6 multi-color LED
points of light

Jet Count

Hot Tub Jets
1 XL Rotary Hydromassage jet
1 Moto-Massage® jet
16 Directional Precision® jets

Control System
IQ 2020®
Includes G.F.C.I. protected power cord
or 230v/50amp, 60Hz

No-Fault® 4000w/230v

Jet Pump
Wavemaster® 6200
1.5 HP Continuous Duty
3.2 HP Breakdown Torque

Circulation Pump
SilentFlo 5000

Ozone System
FreshWater III Corona Discharge

Water Care System
FROG® In-Line Cartridge Ready

Effective Filtration Area
2.70 m2, top loading filters

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